How To Get Free iPhone For Students 2023

Are you a student looking to get a brand-new iPhone without spending a dime? Look no further! This article outlines ways to get a free iPhone in 2023.

As a result, I would like to get started immediately without further ado.

Does Apple Offer Free iPhones for Students?

Apple doesn’t provide a free iPhone to students. Although it offers a student discount on Apple products like iPads (with Apple pencils) and Macbooks (with AirPods), Apple does not offer a free iPhone to students.

Remember that some Apple products, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, are not eligible for these education discounts, including the Apple TV.

There are, however, still a number of ways to get an iPhone at no cost. It is listed Below some of the ways to get an iPhone for free.

Way To Get A Free iPhone For Students?

The cost of an iPhone may not be a major concern for students, but it can strain your already tight budget. After all, most students are always burdened with many expenses like tuition fees, books, etc.

As for how you can get a free iPhone for students, there are several ways that you can do it, which will help you save your money so that you can use it for other useful things.

There are many ways to do this, and we have listed some of them here.

Apple Education Store Discounts

You can save up to $200 on the latest iPhone by participating in Apple’s student, teacher, and parent discount program. You can save up to $200 on an iPhone with the discount. To obtain a discount from the Apple Education Store, one must be a student, parent of a student, or teacher. They must be able to verify their identity. They must select their desired iPhone model on the Apple Education Store website.

Carrier Promotions

For example, Verizon offers the iPhone 12 mini for free when customers sign up for an unlimited plan after trading in an eligible old device. This is only one example of many big carriers offering promotional deals, allowing customers to sign up for an unlimited plan and receive a free iPhone.

Scholarship Programs

If you are a student, there are countless scholarship programs available where you can qualify for technology grants. If you qualify for one of these grants as a student, you can use the grant to purchase a new smartphone. For example, Dell Scholarships currently offer students $20,000 towards the purchase of new smartphones.

Campus Programs

In certain universities, students can practice their work online using a free iPhone as part of a technology program. For instance, Duke University offers students free Apple iPhones and iPods as part of its program to improve education using technology.

Students must contact their university’s I.T. department or student services center to determine whether any such program is available. If it is, they must apply for the program if it is available at their university.

Online Contests and Giveaways

Several social media pages and websites offer giveaways and contests where a student can win a free iPhone by participating in them. If you are interested in winning one of these free smartphones, you can check popular technology blogs and social media sites for such advertisements.

Free iPhone For Students Through ACP Program

Undoubtedly, smartphones have become a necessity for everyone, particularly for students. With the use of technology, they can accomplish a wide range of tasks.

ACP and Lifeline Program, which are offered by a number of participating service providers, recognize this as a problem and have taken steps to address it: the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline Program offer a free government iPhone along with discounts on other internet service plans.

There is a limited number of providers offering Lifeline & ACP combo benefits that provide free iPhones to their customers. There are a number of models of iPhones that students can purchase from these providers.

For adults studying at an accredited university, you can directly apply for the ACP program, while for minors studying at an accredited university, your parents or guardians can apply on your behalf.

In order to apply for the ACP program, however, you will have to meet a few requirements in order to be considered.

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Requirements To Qualify For Free iPhones For Students Through ACP

The ACP program offers students a free iPhone for their studies, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Applicants for the ACP program must meet the following prerequisites in order to apply.

  • There must be an age limit of 18 for you to apply.

  • If you wish to apply for a free iPhone through the ACP program, you must be a citizen of the state in which you reside.

It is possible to check whether your eligibility for the program is met if you meet the above conditions.

Income eligibility

The participant’s annual income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify for the ACP program based on income.

Program eligibility

There are a number of government assistance programs that may be able to assist you if you are not eligible for the ACP due to your income level.

  • Program for Lifeline Assistance

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps.

  • Medicaid

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Assistance

  • Tribal Head Start

Documentation Required For Free iPhone For Students Through ACP

A valid document must be attached to your application to prove your eligibility for a free iPhone. The kind of manuscript you need depends on your eligibility.


  • Current income statement from your employer

  • Paycheck stub

  • Social Security Statement of Benefits

  • Pension or retirement statement of benefits

Government Program Participation

  • Government approval letter

  • Program verification letter

  • Benefits award letter

  • Assistance program statement of benefits

  • Children’s school documentation

You may also be required to provide a document that verifies your age, address, and identity with the application. Therefore, you must provide the following documents during the application process.

  • Birth certificate

  • U.S. Driver’s license

  • U.S passport

Best Free iPhone for Students Providers

As students, you may be able to get free iPhones as students through some of these top providers, even though many ACP and Lifeline providers offer great services to low-income people.

AirTalk Wireless

With its ACP and Lifeline programs, Air Talk Wireless is considered one of the best carriers offering free iPhones or Android phones. As well as the free iPhone, the company also offers free unlimited talk, unlimited text, 15 gigabytes of high-speed data, nationwide coverage, and free caller identification. Other benefits of the company include caller ID, 3-way calling, and call waiting.

The airtalk wireless application page can be accessed by clicking on Once you have opened the site, please enter your ZIP code and click the “apply now” button to apply for a free iPhone with this carrier.

Cintex Wireless

It is also important to note that Cintex Wireless participates in the ACP and Lifeline program to provide its services and free student iPhones. As well as becoming a student, Cintex Wireless provides students unlimited texts, free unlimited calls, and an 8 GB high-speed data plan.

On their official website,, which is accessible on their website, Cintex Wireless offers a free iPhone that can be registered for on their official website,

New Phone Wireless

As a participating company in the ACP and Lifeline programs from the federal government, NewPhone Wireless offers free iPhones with unlimited talk, texts, and data and features such as call waiting, voicemail, and caller identification.

This carrier offers a free iPhone program whereby you can apply online for a free device from them at “,” their official website.

List Of iPhones That Offer Free for Students

You are not informed about what iPhone model you will receive under the ACP and Lifeline programs of the providers. Your iPhone model is determined by factors such as your state, whether the iPhone model is available when you apply for it, etc. You will likely receive the following iPhone models once qualified for a free iPhone for students.

  • Apple iPhone 6 plus

  • Apple iPhone X

  • Apple iPhone 6s

  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus

  • Apple iPhone 7 plus

  • Apple iPhone 7

  • Apple iPhone 8 plus

  • Apple iPhone 11

  • Apple iPhone 12


Are there any limitations to receiving a free iPhone for students?

There are restrictions on receiving a free iPhone. For example, free iPhones are limited to low-income households only. Also, these free phones can only be used by one member per family, and the Lifeline and ACP benefits cannot be transferred to another member.

What can make me not qualify for a free iPhone as a student?

Your household income will not qualify you for the programs if it is over the federal poverty line. Also, if another member of your family has another free government phone, you will not be eligible for the free iPhone program. Also, if you provide incorrect information in your application or upload a blurred image of your eligibility document, you could be prevented from receiving the free iPhone you desire.

Can I receive the latest iPhone model for students, or can I choose my preferred model?

The ACP program allows you to get access to entry-level to mid-range iPhone models for free. The models include the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8. You are not able to receive the latest iPhone model through this assistance program. Aside from this, you cannot pick your preferred iPhone model because your carrier will choose one for you at random, and the model you get will be determined by your state as well as availability when you apply.

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